Are standing desks really better for you?

Of cours. Studies show that standing at least every hour has many health benefits, in fact there is evidence to support this theory since the Apple watch has a built in health monitor that even reminds you every hour to stand up and walk around if it notices you have been sitting for too long. Apples website even states “The Stand alert will pop up on your watch at 10 minutes before the top of every hour, if Apple Watch senses you’ve been inactive for 50 minutes.”

How many hours a day do you spend sitting?

If you added up all the time you spend watching sitting in office and then in the car and when you go home watching TV etc, you may be quite alarmed? A recent study found that on average adults spends approximately 60% of their day sitting.

Is sitting bad for you?

If you want to live a long and healthy life, then it really does matter how long you spend sitting instead of standing. Many studies have found that the more time you spent sitting the greater the risk of causing illnesses that lead to earlier death. One analysis determined that each hour of daily sitting time was associated with an increase in dying from all causes, in other words been less fit will cause illnesses to be worse.

How can a standing desk help your health?

The Simplest way to live longer according to some studies is simple, stand more often!. But before running out to quit your desk job, consider this simple solution. An electric Standing Desk for the office or even the home office that will allow you to decrease the amount of time you spend sitting, while still getting your work done. Simply press a button you can change your position from sitting to standing and potentially add years to your life.

How do you choose the right Standing Desk?

When looking for the right electric standing desk lift, you may want to consider some application specific factors to determine the right one for you. Below is a factor you’ll want to consider when choosing the ideal standing desk for your office or home office.

Standing Height Range available.

The height range the mechanism can actually move through is important, the range will give you the minimum and maximum height the desk mechanism can achieve. You will want to make sure that your electric lift system is able to go low enough to allow you to sit and work ergonomically when been used in the sitting position, and also go high enough to allow you to stand and work when used in the standing desk position . If you are a taller person this will be particularly important.